OFFI competence is powered by technologically advanced machines, not just by manual labour. We are geared for handling big and small projects. Our factory spans over 600,000 sq ft and houses a Modern and advance machines with automated processes and mass production capabilities to complete any order on time. But since machines can never match the human drive for excellence, we also have trained operators handling the machines as well as an assembly of skilled craftspeople who painstakingly hand-weave wicker onto frames.

At OFFI, automated machines and experiences professional work together to turn Rough Wood and MDF into items of beauty and functionality.

The only way to ensure consistent high quality in both materials and workmanship is to do it ourselves. From the drawing board to the packing of the final product, every stage in the manufacturing is carried out within our factory complex. Even the quality and suitability of the raw material for each furniture component – whether wood, metal is assessed right at source before it is shaped into the required part. The entire process is minutely monitored and carefully managed each step of the way.